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  • eLearning you don't forget

Elearning You Don’t Forget

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Picture this. You have a test tomorrow and are trying to cram up whatever you can from your notes. But when you close your book and try to summarize the chapter, you keep missing out on certain important points. However, you still remember the lyrics of the song your dad used to play during the

  • Learning through stories

Learning through stories

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The other day I was supposed to meet my friend Linda. She worked in the IT helpdesk of a top MNC. We were meeting after about a year, and I was very excited. I was supposed to pick her up from her office at 6 p.m., and then we wanted to try the new Lebanese

  • audio narration

The Pros and Cons of using audio

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Ann: “Do you think audio will jazz up my course?” Me: “Do you think adding salt will enhance the taste of this omelette?” Ann: “It depends on whether the omelette needs any more salt or not.” Me: “Exactly!” E-learning and eggs are no where related. Yet the similarity, here, lies in the fact whether both