Tiered Pricing Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Level 1

  • Basic

  • ~$3k30 min. course
  • Content Pages
  • Simple Navigation
  • Stock Graphics
  • Professional Audio
  • Simple Quizzing
  • LMS Compliant

Level 2

  • Interactive

  • ~$7k30 min. course
  • Ground-Up storyboard development
  • Custom style guide
  • Level 1 plus 50% interactive exercises
  • Liberal use of audio, video and animations
  • Custom course player
  • Best value

Level 3

  • Advanced

  • ~$15k30 min. course
  • Process and needs analysis
  • Highly interactive
  • In depth simulations
  • Serious game based
  • Custom Interactions
  • Award winning caliber courseware
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Free Prototypes!

We’re confident that you’ll like our work.  So much so that we’re now offering free course prototypes.  All we need is a sample of your course content and some style suggestions (maybe a link to your website or a sample of an elearning course that you like).  We’ll put together a 4-6 slide sample that you can use to get buy-in from invested parties.   This typically takes 5-6 working days and costs you NOTHING.  If you like what you see, we’ll provide a full quote, also free of charge.  Include what you can below.  We’ll contact you if we need additional information about your project. And of course, we’re happy to sign an NDA.