With the release of Articulate 360 in late 2016, the good folks at Articulate have truly set themselves up as a one-stop-shop for all things elearning.  With the addition of Articulate Rise for responsive mobile eLearning, and a hot new set of Storyline templates and characters, new and experienced eLearning developers can invest in Articulate 360 with confidence.

That is why we here at EzLearnin’ have decided to go ‘all-in’ on Articulate. Instead of spreading ourselves thin and dabbling with the many many eLearning development tools on the market today, we’ve decided to be master of One.  And there are a lot of advantages to working with one development tool. Streamlined processes, specialized storyboards and shorter development times all mean lower costs for our clients.

Specializing in Articulate has also allowed us to offer Free Prototypes to our potential clients and partners. When you’ve got as much experience designing courses in Articulate Storyline as we do, it’s no sweat to design a 4-5 slide prototype of a course. We’ve found that these prototypes really help new clients understand what is possible with Articulate, and how we can help achieve their goals.

As a tribute to our dedication to Articulate, we’ve just unveiled a brand new logo which reflects our relationship. No, we’re not getting paid by Articulate, we just REALLY like their product. And we think you’ll like the training that can be developed when you partner with us.

In addition to our new logo, we’re also putting together a brand new website which will feature our latest and greatest projects.  In addition, we’ll be offering a quick estimate tool for those of you organizational training developers who just need a ball-park number to take to your boss.  We’re pretty sure NO-body else in the eLearning development industry offers this level of pricing transparency.  So we’re pretty excited for what the future holds!  Keep an eye out for our new site and estimate tool.  Or, better yet, subscribe to our newsletter.

Wishing you the best!