Once in a blue moon I get the chance to participate in Articulate Storyline’s eLearning Challenges.  When I found out that this weeks theme was a ‘Rock Band’ challenge, I just couldn’t resist.  I mean, cmon’.  Rock Band Challenge!

The challenge was to design an interactive graphic or micro site for a fictitious eLearning rock band.  So, I opted for the ‘micro site’.  I think one of the main characteristics of a micro site should be that it looks and feels like a normal website.  In order to do that, I put a little time into researching how to change the page background of the storyline project to a custom static image.  And it turns out, it’s crazy simple.  It took a little custom coding, but even that was a breeze.  And I’m NOT a coder.

Instead of using fictitious characters for the band, I actually opted to use some of our key team members at EzLearnin’.  I had to imagine what each persons role would be in the band, and I think I nailed it.

To be honest, I could have spent days working on this.  I think that’s one of the reason I try to limit myself on how many eLearning challenges I do.  I always want to make them better and better.  It’s addicting!  Anyway, without futher ado, I present ‘ROI Speedwagon’!  [not to be confused with REO speedwagon.]