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Revitalize your eLearning!

Do you have eLearning courses sitting on the shelf that were developed years ago?  Were they developed using proprietary software? Or are they flash based, and won’t work on mobile devices?  Or maybe they just have outdated graphics and poor audio. Well, don’t let your hard work go to waste.

We’ll help you dust of your old eLearning courses and upgrade them with new graphics, interactions, audio and mobile compatibility.  You provide the content, we’ll do the rest!

Updated Design

Our graphic designers will create a custom design for your course.

A fresh new look and all new graphics

We’ll bring your course to life with content specific graphics suited to your companies style.

Custom Interactions

Our developers get creative using advanced techniques to create engaging scenarios and interactions.

eLearning development tools have come a long way in just the last few years.

Why not take advantage of the new capabilities.  Using Articulate Storyline, we’ll create some new interactions that will keep your learners engaged. And engagement equals learning.

Mobile Compatibility

With the power of Articulate Storyline, we'll make sure your course is future proof and mobile compatible.

Embrace the Mobile Revolution

You’re course will be published for HTML5, making it compatible with mobile learning devices. So now, your learners will be able to view your online training anywhere, any time, on any device.

Professional Narration

Leave your course narration to the pros. You won't regret it.

Learners agree...

Sloppy course narration really diminishes the value of learning.  Professional narration has been proven to engage learners better.  Our staff of professional narrators will give your course a polished feel that learners will immediately notice.

The Articulate Storyline Advantage

Upgrading your legacy eLearning with Articulate Storyline has several advantages.  And as one of the leading developers of Articulate Storyline training, you can rest assured that you’ll be left with training that can be easily updated for years to come by members of your Internal Training and Development team.

Articulate Storyline eLearning Development

Why Choose EzLearnin’

      • A focus on clean design using the industry leading elearning development tool
      • Small team of experts from the U.S. with a customer service orientation
      • Many years of experience upgrading legacy courses
      • Creative minds that can bring your learning content to life
      • We offer free consultation because we care about your courses as much as you do
      • Transparent pricing and free quotes
      • Truth be told, we’re all pretty cool.  And you’re going to like working with us.

What Client’s Say

We had a lot of content that was developed in Flash way back in the day. Once we found out that mobile devices, and even a lot of web browsers weren’t going to support flash any longer, we knew we needed to make some changes. You guys took our content and made it work seamlessly on mobile devices. They even gave it a fresh new look along the way. Nicely done!
We had some courses developed by a 3rd party a few years back. They’re no longer in business, so we were stuck with a bunch of material we couldn’t edit! EzLearnin’ was able too redevelop our courses in Storyline, and now, we have a whole new library of courses that our team can edit anytime.
Thanks so much for your help. We really weren’t happy with the look and consistency of our older courses. You guys were able to update our courses with a fresh new look and style they so desperately needed. I love the estimate generator too! Made it very easy to put an estimate together for my boss.