There are a lot of advantages that have made the Articulate 360 Storyline templates popular among the e learning professionals. In this article we will focus on the major advantages of the Articulate Storyline templates in effective Elearning.
1. Community benefits: This is quite different from the related topic but the articulate community is one of the best idea exchange platforms that allows you to connect with the leaders in Elearning. In my opinion, this is what separates Articulate from other eLearning development tools.

2. Ease of Customization: This is the amazing benefit that articulate storyline templates have over the others. You don’t have to spend hours or days learning about the new techniques or acquiring programming skills to use these templates. Even those new to the field of Elearning can use these templates for content development in the simplest manner with almost no effort. This feature makes these templates the most popular one for developing Elearning content.

3. Get all resources at single place: In addition to the slide templates that can be found in the content library, there are a number of character illustrations and photographs that can easily be dropped into your template, or swapped out with characters already in the template. Making it a cinch for the developers and users to make effective elearning content. All the templates are designed for easy customization, including font and color replacement to align with corporate standards.

4. No programming required: This is the best feature that has earned articulate storyline development a huge success as Elearning storyline development platform. . Most of the templates are offering the drag and drop features make it simple to use.

5. Advanced level features: The users working on the articulate storyline templates are quite familiar about the features like screen recording and multiple formats final output that makes it simple and effective for the users to develop the content. These features make these templates quite adaptive in nature that allows them to be used on the different operating environment. This feature helps the content to be usable on the different devices with different operating platforms.
These above features have made the storyline templates a preferred choice for the user in Elearning industry.